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Fresse! intends to become THE standard interface for accessing all kinds of media files from within SXEmacs.

How to get the repo

Key features

Managing media features

  • Lists media files and streams
  • Lists media objects archived on CD/DVD/YourBrainTM/Paper/...
  • Converts or transcodes alive media
  • Categorises and tags media
  • Queries freedb, musicbrainz, Amazon, ImDB etc. for completion of media information
  • Lists filtered subsets of media (according to categories and tags)
  • Finds identical or similar media amongst all your media objects
  • Groups media objects to one media compound (e.g. audio file + lyrics + album cover, ...)
  • Groups different versions of media to one media compound (e.g. films in different languages)
  • Comprehensive storing of all kinds of information
  • Canonicalises media names (enumeration, formatting, ...)
  • Reorganises alive media on the filesystem (renaming files, creating directory trees, ...)

Handling media features

  • Handles (views/plays/...) alive media (files, streams, tv channels, anything that is accessible)
  • Handles multiple alive media simultaneously

Audio media features

  • Reads mp3/ogg tags in files
  • Edits mp3/ogg tags in files
  • Queries CDDB databases
  • Administrates album sets, artists, discographies, album covers, lyrics, ...

Video media features

  • Queries ImDB databases
  • Administrates language tracks, actors, directors, filmographies, dvd covers, subtitles, ...

User interface features

  • Provides mood-based user interface
  • Manages multiple inventories (playlists, photo-albums, ...)
  • Provides complex scoring schemas
  • Handling media in UI-mode is direction-less, instead a topology is used

API features

  • Provides modules to be plugged in or out
  • Provides behaviours to control the states of modules
  • Provides hooks hither and thither
  • Provides internal API objects which can be changed/viewed/processed by the user

Why postgres backend?

  • Fresse! is fast because of the postgres backend.
  • Fresse! is more versatile since you can connect remotely to the backend.
  • Fresse! is more transparent to non-emacs-lisp interfaces.

Does Fresse! work at the moment?

Fresse! development has re-begun. Most of the features in the rewrite are aware of problems which occured during the vapourware phase.

The new Fresse! does not depend on a certain backend anymore.

However, it does support a PostgreSQL database in the back and the migration problem from one version of the database layout to another has been passed to the pg-backend manager CIPE.